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Marriage & Couples Therapy

Do you know in your heart that you or your partner need to revamp parenting styles or even your own relationship?  Have you given up trying to have a family life or partnership that thrives on positive relationships and meaningful experiences?  This program is designed to give you the skills needed to have the family you desire and start living life at its best.

By supporting you with key relationship skills to confront issues and learning creative ways to meet them while understanding your own needs and expressing them effectively to other family members.  Learning how to take care of your own emotional health and discovering your own valued life goals will build the foundation to revitalize your personal discovery and couplehood enrichment.


Issues to be addressed can include:

Problem-Solving & Conflict Resolution
Relaxation & Stress Management
Assertiveness & Communication
Personal Discovery & Improvement
Emotional Health
Values & Life Goals
Career/Life Work Revitalization & Transition
Couplehood Enrichment
Mid-life Restoration
Step Family Transition
Martial Distress Resolution


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