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My Experience

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Early Career


My first career started as a teenager and culminated as an award-winning graphic arts professional in 1982.  I completed my liberal arts education in Ohio at The University of Findlay, being nominated as Founder's Son and Social Science Student of the Year in 1986 and finished y clinical training in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Temple University in 1992.

I became a independently licensed counselor in 1997 after working five years for a psychiatric hospital earning multiple commendations while later joining a private practice. After returning to Northwest Ohio he served as the director of an innovative therapeutic horseback riding center in 1999; helping adults and children meet the challenges of serious physical and emotional disabilities through animal-assisted therapy.  While there, I worked with a national advocacy group and noted regional researcher improving services and seeing the program earn the state's top service awards.

After spending the first ten years of my career working with some of the most devastated families in the community; families with children heading for hospital, prison, and foster care; the last decade has seen my work focus on building safer communities and helping others achieve the best for their lives.  I also completed work on the grant, Sex Offenders & Significant Others: New Initiatives for Strengthening Families and the Community and coauthored, Responsible Choices Program: Effective Strategies for Safe and Effective Relationships.

I served as the mental health director in 2007 - 2008 for over 600 inmates at New Mexico's female correctional facilities and provided testimony on behalf of inmate mental healthcare before the New Mexico Legislature.  Additional hearings resulted in a task force to implement and design effective solutions for the state's female inmate population.

More Recent Projects


Currently I'm in private practice while managing treatment services and the counseling internship & clinical residency program for one of the state's regional community forensic psychiatry centers.  My creative outlets include his after-hours life as a writer and blogging about relationships and how to live a more valued life.

With over 20 years experience as a helping professional, I've appeared on WTOL Channel 11, WTVG Channel 13, and K-100 Radio's newscasts and talk shows; has have shared my discoveries and experiences in scores of lectures, presentations, and workshops.


More than anything, my clients want to feel energetic, and adventurous.  They value their families, their relationships, and their own self-improvement, as well as their health and career.  All the while having fun, being proactive, and giving license to their artistic side and that’s what my practice is all about.

When thoroughly listened to and understood, individuals find they can believe in themselves, their dreams, accomplishments, and abilities.  When supported they grow in the way they were meant to on their journey of life. 

I strive to help you experience your best self in the marrow of your bones not just think about yourself inside your head.  So
that your valued directions for your life can begin to course through your veins and not just be an intellectual pursuit.  My hope is you'll find the tools and skills needed to embark on an exploration of your own life.



By attacking the problem of a constricted life and its accompanying physical and psychological symptoms, you can begin to break through the fear and the status quo as well as challenging the current "feel happy" culture.  I'll support you as you confront the possibility of unpleasant thoughts, feelings, and experiences rather than avoiding them and risk living a diminished life.


To never compromise on the service, experience, or expertise received.  As a welcomed and valued partner in this professional relationship, I hope you'll enter a place designed to provoke, tantalize, and ignite your imagination and be thoroughly prepared and equipped to turn your dreams into your life's journey.


I am ready to bring that kind of dedication, experience, and passion to you.  To that opportunity that's before you now, that problem waiting for you, or the skills you've needed to learn.

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